Pet hair vacuum reviews and buying guide

SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Upright Vacuum Review

Note: The model we reviewed is the Sebo X4 EXTRA model. You may see the Sebo X4 for less money, but it probably isn’t the EXTRA model. The EXTRA comes with additional tools like the TURBO HEAD BRUSH. The Turbo Head Brush is essential for pet owners!

When we started our journey to find the best vacuum for pet hair we weren’t familiar with Sebo. Our research led us to this amazing manufacturer and amazing vacuum. Sebo is a German based company that makes some of the world’s finest vacuums. The X4 Automatic was designed and is still manufactured in Germany. This vacuum is the Mercedes Benz of vacuums. It may be expensive, but it works flawlessly and should last twice as long as a Dyson.

Super Power – This vacuum comes with an amazing 1300 watt motor that demands respect! The suction on the X4 Automatic is unparalleled. There was no other vacuum we tested with more power than the Sebo. Pet hair doesn’t stand a chance!

Ultra Clean Filtration – The X4 Automatic utilizes a 3 step filtration process. One of the filtration steps is an ultra allergy friendly bag. The bags are relatively inexpensive and combined with the S-Class (European HEPA) filtration this vacuum filters 99.97% off all particulates. It even has a final exhaust filter to remove all odors. This vacuum produces the cleanest air out of any vacuum we reviewed. Not only are all the allergens removed, but pet odors too. Your house should smell animal free after using the Sebo X4 Automatic.

Smart Sensors – The X4 Automatic is an extremely high-tech pet vac. Just about everything is computer controlled including the beater brush height and suction. The height adjustment works flawlessly. It will adjust near instantly when going from carpet to hardwood floors. The electronic system utilized by the Sebo X4 is much better than the passive technology used by the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum. The computer control system constantly monitors the health of the vacuum. It can detect when there is a a blockage and automatically shut down the vacuum to prevent damage to the motor.

Dual Bristle Brush Design – The Sebo X4 Automatic features a wonderful roller brush design that rips pet hair from any pile of carpet. It was gentle enough not to damage rugs, but very effective. The roller brush can be popped out easily making cleaning near effortless.

Lifetime Belts – Belts are a necessary evil with vacuums. They are used to power the beater bar. Cheap vacuums lose their cleaning ability quickly due to cheap stretching belts. Sebo guarantees the belt for the life of the vacuum. If you ever need a replacement belt they send you one free of charge. We performed online research and never read about anyone needing a replacement belt for the X4 Automatic.

Maneuverability – The X4 is extremely well built, but is also quiet and light. It has a lay-flat design to reach under low furniture and turns very easily.

Extend-able Hose, Turbo Brush and Attachments – This vacuum has a very long, extend-able hose and is activated when you extend it. The EXTRA version of the Sebo X4 Automatic comes with a Turbo Brush attachment for removing pet hair from furniture and stairs. It is passively powered by the vacuum’s suction. The X4 is so powerful that the Turbo Brush works very well and doesn’t bog down too easily. The other attachments such as the brush and crevice tools are well made and stored easily on the vacuum’s body.

Highest Quality – We can’t say enough about the fit and finish of this vacuum. From the time your hand touches the handle you’ll know the vacuum is well made. The German design and manufacturing are unequalled. There are no gaps on this vacuum. Everything is tight and well sealed. This vacuum should last twice as long as a Dyson and it will work well the whole time.

Warranty – 5 years.


The Sebo X4 Automatic is our top pick for Best Vacuum for Pet Hair. The build quality is unsurpassed and the suction is the strongest in the field. We really appreciate all the smart sensors. They protect your flooring by adjusting the height of the vacuum head and adjusting the air flow, and it protects your vacuum motor in the event of blockage.

The X4 may seem expensive, but it should out last a cheap vacuum by several lifetimes. It works flawlessly and is quiet too. If you are serious about wanting the best pet hair vacuum look no further than the Sebo X4 Automatic EXTRA.

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