Pet hair vacuum reviews and buying guide

Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Canister Vacuum CleanerTruly speaking, there is hardly any commercial product that suits everyone’s demands and tastes perfectly without any failure. With only a few exceptions, the fact is quite substantial when it comes to the plethora of vacuum cleaners, both cordless and corded. However, one thing is also true that there are some vacuum cleaners which can serve the demands of people when they have some specific needs to meet.

More or less, it is evidenced that the Panasonic Bagless canister vacuum has emerged as one of the very few cleaners which can easily take the challenge of being perfect. With compact design and powerful features, the 15-pound canister vacuum cleaner measures approximately 9.5x11x15.5 inches. You may need to clean a thick carpet or a hard floor. No matter, you can sleep peacefully as long as you have this machine work for you.


A plethora of on-Board attachments and tools:

A good number of tools along with convenient attachments has added some glory to the machine as the tools are quite easy to remove and suitably usable for all corners of your home. You can use the dusting brush on tables and lampshades while the floor nozzle will serve you with extra specialty as you put it on hardwood surfaces. The crevice tool will allow users to clean different types of hard-to-reach residential areas. Do not miss out on the Edge Grabber attachment which works on areas which are missed by other cleaners under the same category. The powerful 11-amp motor performs strongly, but makes little noise. Although the motor will offer an above average suction power, people staying nearby the machine will hardly realize it is working. The bagless vacuum eliminates the use of bags, meaning that you can forget putting the bags into it and taking them out when they need to be emptied.

Major features:

The bagless vacuum is known to include a lot of features which have enhanced its overall functionality and usability. Here is a list of its conveniences.

  • A removable dirt cup which allows for easy emptying when needed.
  • The HEPA filter is included, which makes it easy for users to catch small particles, including pollutants, irritants and allergens.
  • An on/off bare-floor switch that automatically shut off its agitator.
  • An above average carrying handle which allows for easy transport on both up and down stairs
  • A 16 feet power cord for longer reach while functioning.
  • An automatic cord rewind feature.
  • Cleaning areas where floors find their ways to baseboards quite thoroughly and easily.
  • The unique shape of the Edge Grabber conforms nicely and directs around maximum suction to almost all types of hard-to-clean areas.
  • A neck swivel with multi-directional facility to allow its 8-inch nozzle for maneuvering into narrow or tight spaces while getting the nozzle real flat against all surfaces being cleaned.
  • The nimble swivel device included in the hose connection features to let users perform the cleaning task in all directions without twisting the hose.
  • Hassle free maintenance because of including no bags for replacement.
  • A light touch smartly activates the feature called the automatic cord rewind.

What could be the limitations?

The machine comes with no beater bar. Also, many users reported that they found it to be good only for areas which have low-pile carpeting. Some users also reported that the functionality is good only as long as they used it on hardwood floors or surfaces. The most obvious negative remark that users are seen to make upon using the machine is its sub-standard performance while being used to remove pet hair on their carpets. Again, a few users think the machine suffers a great limitation, which is its having no features for bare floor or height adjustment.

Final verdict:

Depending on users’ remarks about other vacuum cleaners, it is really a tiresome experience to work with a vacuum that comes with tangled nozzles and hoses which often misfit where they need to use them. With the many features in mind and special ability in this aspect, the Panasonic bagless canister vacuum can easily be a worthy contender even with its vacuuming chops experienced. In fine, you will not regret after putting your money on purchasing it.

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