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Miele S7260 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum Review

Miele S7260 Cat and Dog Upright VacuumFor this review we decided to check out the Cat and Dog S7260 made by Miele. This “Cat and Dog” vacuum really lived up to it’s name. When it comes to Engineering a vacuum for pet hair the Germans can’t be beat!

The Cat and Dog is built upon the same frame as the other Miele S7 series upright vacuums. This model has some very nice additional features that lend to the pet vacuum moniker.

Powerful Suction – This vac. has some serious suction. The motor is a full 1,200 Watts and is called the Miele Vortex Motor. This powerful motor is designed and manufactured in Germany by Miele. The motor provides more than enough power to suck pet hair from any depth of carpet. It comes with a full 7 year warranty.

Electrobrush Motor – The separate 4,800 RPM brush motor is a really nice touch. It has it’s own dedicated motor so it won’t steal power from the suction. The 4,800 RPM motor powers a very well designed beater brush. It is able to remove hair from deep down in shag carpet. The motor can be turned off when the vacuum is used on hardwood floors.

Rotary Dial Vacuum Flow Adjustment – We really like the vacuum flow feature. It isn’t full automatic like the Sebo X4, but sometimes it’s nice to choose your own suction. The dial is located under the handle and is very easy to use while vacuuming. There are 6 air flow settings, which is more than enough. The lowest setting can be used for delicate cleaning jobs such as draperies.

Automatic Height Adjustment – The height adjustment feature is similiar to the Dyson DC41. It is a passive spring loaded mechanism that does a very good job. The Cat and Dog has no problem going from medium pile carpet to hardwood floors.

Massive Cleaning Radius – This vacuum has a very large cleaning radius at 54 feet. The Cat and Dog achieves this impressive reach with a 39 foot cord and a 12 foot stretch hose.

Lay Flat SwivelNeck Design – The Miele S7 series have a patented swivel neck design that makes vacuuming under low furniture a breeze. The swivel neck design allows the Cat and Dog to lay completely flat. In addition to the Swivel Neck design the Miele Cat and Dog has 360 degree swivel casters. The combined features gives the Cat and Dog extremely good maneuverability.

Motor Filter – A pre-motor filter is a must have with any pet hair vacuum. It protects the Vortex motor from vacuum debris. The filters are very inexpensive and should be replaced when starting a new case of vacuum bags.

Active Charcoal Clean Air Technology – The Miele Cat and Dog doesn’t come with a HEPA filter standard, but can be upgraded for an additional cost. It does come with their “Super Clean” air filter that can filter down to 0.5 microns. It also utilizes an activated charcoal filter. The charcoal filter absorbs odors leaving your home smelling clean.

AirClean Filter Bag – If you want a bagless vacuum then the Cat and Dog is not the vacuum for you. Personally, we like bag vacuums because they are much cleaner when emptying the vacuum. The Miele AirClean filter bags have 9 layers of electrostatic charged materials to help trap dust, pollen and animal dander. We really like the spring loaded, self locking port. The spring loaded port closes secure to ensure that you never breath in any dust when changing bags.

Handheld Mini Turbo Brush – The Turbo Brush is one of the items that sets the Cat and Dog apart from other models in the S7 Series. The brush is very wide at 5 inches and is powered by the vacuum suction. It has a full 120 degree swivel and is very effective at removing pet hair from stairs and furniture.

12′ Stretch Hose and Stainless Steel Extend Wand – Every pet hair vacuum needs a stretch hose and the Cat and Dog delivers. We also like the stainless steel extend wand. The two work together in concert to reach to every conceivable nook and cranny.

Anti Tip Over Feature – The Miele Cat and Dog has a swivel point where the hose attaches to the vacuum. This feature accentuates the vacuum’s low center of gravity. When you pull the stretch hose the vacuum will move, but not tip over.

LED Head Lights – Who doesn’t like a headlight on their vacuum? The Cat and Dog comes with 8 extremely powerful LED lights. The headlamps come in handy when vacuuming under a couch or behind furniture. It seem ludacris to put lights on a vacuum, but these LEDs really work well.

German Quality – We’ve got to say that the Miele Cat and Dog is well designed and extremely well built. Miele has manufactured and designed floor care equipment for over eighty years. We really like the air tight, sealed-seam system. It keeps all dust and pet fur in a closed loop system so your home air stays fresh and clean.


The Miele Cat and Dog may be considered by some to be the best vacuum for pet hair. The build quality and ease of use are top notch. The suction is as good as any pet vacuum out there. We really like the sealed Clean Air, sealed system that prevents any dust or particulates from exiting the vacuum.

The Swivel Neck lay-flat technology makes the Cat and Dog more maneuverable than most other vacuums. The stretch hose and stainless steel wand allow you to reach nearly anywhere. The Turbo Brush attachment works well to remove pet hair. The only minus of this vacuum is the fact it uses bags and pre-motor filters. The bags and filters will add to the cost of ownership, but your house will smell clean.

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