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iRobot Roomba 630 Review: How Reliable is This Cleaner?

Welcome to our page dedicated to an iRobot Roomba 630 review. Did you know that you can buy a cleaning robot? You might think that such robotic helpers are grounded purely in science fiction, but they actually exist and, what’s more, they’re great!

The Roomba 630 robotic vacuum is one of these cleaning robots and it will help you significantly cut down on the amount of cleaning you need to do. It is shaped like a disc and all you have to do is put it on the floor of a room, press a button and away it goes.

The little critter moves slowly around your floor surface detecting where dust is and will even navigate around furniture to a degree. The vacuum comes with its own docking unit which it will automatically place itself into in order to recharge which is pretty nifty.

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The iRobot Roomba 630 Great Features

This section takes a look at the main features of the Roomba 630:

The suction isn’t incredible, but what it lacks in power it makes up with in terms of perseverance. The 630 will continually return to each area of your floor until it is clean. If there are any places that you don’t want your vacuum to go then it comes with a little sensor which it will always avoid crossing.

As for flooring, it might struggle slightly on long thick carpets, but any short haired carpets and flooring will all be cleaned meticulously by the 630 repeatedly without issue.

The build quality is great and the little thing really feels sturdy, but you should be careful with it if you have children around as standing on it could still cause difficulties. It’s hypnotic watching it zoom around your floor and you will be really surprised by the speed it goes at.

The speed isn’t unnerving, but fast enough to completely vacuum a large room quickly and efficiently. It is insanely quiet, but you should be wary if you have any pets as they might be frightened of it or even think that it’s a toy to be chewed. Now it will get stuck between objects from time to time, but one really cool feature is that it will tell you when it has had difficulty in a number of selectable languages.

When you first buy the 630 you might be worried that it will scratch your skirting boards and furniture as it can bump into things, but the bumpers around the unit really negates this issue and long term owners claim not to have had any problems with damages.


More thoughts on the iRobot Roomba 630

There are a few cons to keep in mind as well. This is not a replacement for your vacuum cleaner, but rather something which will supplement it. You won’t need to vacuum anywhere near as much, but you will still need a full sized cleaner for curtains, sofas, stairs etc. The Roomba will fit into and under many hard to reach areas in your house, but it won’t get into every nook and cranny.

Another problem is that it doesn’t play well with certain types of flooring. It can get stuck or jammed on the edge of rug tassels, or on the bottom of furniture throws and curtain tassels. For that reason when you get one you will need to make sure there is nothing like that around the room you set your Roomba down in. Looking at the size of the unit you should also be aware that it won’t deal well with larger pieces of rubbish, not to mention that its storage capacity isn’t exactly huge.

All that being said, you will really love the little Roomba 630 from day one. It will substantially cut down the amount you need to vacuum and let’s face it, a cleaning robot is really cool!

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