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Carpet Pro CPU 2T Commercial Vacuum Review

The Carpet Pro CPU 2T is NOT marketed as a pet hair vacuum, but we wanted to give it a try anyway. We wanted to find a well built vacuum for under $300 and boy does this vacuum fit the bill. It is built like a TANK!

The CPU 2T uses vacuum cleaner bags. Personally, we prefer using bags because it keeps the air cleaner and cleanup isn’t as messy as with a bagless pet vacuum. The bags are relatively inexpensive and can be had for around $1.00/each.


Features Highlights

Powerful 10 Amp Motor – This vacuum is definitely not under-powered. The 10 Amp motor provides huge suction and powers the over-sized beater brush just fine. The CPU 2T can suck animal hair out of nearly any carpet.

Bypass Motor Filtration – The Carpet Pro CPU 2T utilizes motor filtration and motor air bypass. This feature prevents particles from entering the motor or fan assemblies, hence the “bypass.” This feature means your motor and fan blades should last for many years. Some other vacuums actually pass the particulates through the fan assembly prior to filtration. With the bypass and motor filtration you won’t have to worry about pet hair jamming up the works.

Metal Parts – Carpet Pro wasn’t kidding when they gave the CPU 2T the Commercial moniker. This vacuum feels solid and has many metal parts. The handle is metal which is a great feature. You won’t have to worry about your handle snapping when you lift it or try to reach under tables. There is a protective metal bottom plate, which goes a long way to prevent damage to the underside of the vacuum.

Excellent Brush Design – Another nice feature of the CPU 2T is the roller brush. It is extra wide at 12 inches and is METAL. The brush bar is tightly capped with rubber caps to prevent hair from wrapping around the ends. The bristles are short and sturdy. They can loosen pet hair from nearly any carpet or rug.

Excellent Range – The Carpet Pro CPU 2T has a 40 foot commercial power cord, which is MUCH longer than most other vacuums. In addition to the ridiculously long power cord the Carpet Pro CPU 2T has a built in stretch hose. If you can’t reach everywhere in your house with this vacuum you may need a smaller house!

On-board Accessories – This vacuum is well equipped in the accessories department. It includes an extension wand, dusting brush and crevice tool. It does not come with a Turbo Brush attachment which is unfortunate. The included attachments do an adequate job of removing pet hair, but a Turbo Brush would have been nice.

Quiet – With most low priced vacuums you get a VERY LOUD vacuum, but not with the Carpet Pro CPU 2T. This vacuum is relatively quiet which is impressive considering its great suction and power.

Gets the Job Done – The CPU 2T Commercial makes a great pet hair vacuum. The lack of a Turbo Brush is one drawback and bags may be another (for some people.) It has great power and feels solid. If you change the bags regularly this vacuum should last for many years.



The Carpet Pro CPU 2T Commercial is our top pick for cheapest Best Vacuum for Pet Hair. This vacuum has great suction and is well built. We really like all the metal parts and the quietness of this vacuum. The extra wide beater brush is great for large rooms, but may be a hindrance when navigating tight spaces.

The only drawbacks are the color (Tonka Truck Yellow) and the fact is uses bags. NOTE: This vacuum is intended to be used on carpet only. This vacuum IS NOT FOR HARDWOOD FLOORS. If your primary concern is price and extracting pet hair from carpets then the CPU 2T may be just what you’re looking for.

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