Pet hair vacuum reviews and buying guide

How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner at The Best Price?

If you are looking to buy your first vacuum cleaner or replace an old one that is not worth the repairs, there are plenty of ways to make sure you buy the right vacuum for you and your home.  You need to consider the following:


Everyone wants the best vacuum cleaner for the money.  Paying just for the features you need and having something well made that will last for a long time or until you can spend more on your household cleaning appliances is what most people ask from their new vacuum.  If you have a budget or spending limit in mind, you can easily find top rated inexpensive vacuum cleaners under $50, $100, $150 and $200 dollars.

Bagged or Bagless?

Both have advantages.  Lower running costs and the convenience of not having to find the correct sized disposable bags are the attraction of bagless vacuums.  Bagged vacuum cleaners give great containment of dirt, allergens, pet hairs and statically charged dust.

Upright, Canister or Handheld?

If you have a lot of wide open carpeted areas in your home or just plain prefer an upright vacuum cleaner, the choice is obvious.  For more hardwood and smoother flooring, a lighter weight stick or canister vacuum may work for you.

For a multitude of attachments with great reach for soft furnishings or stairs, a canister or handheld will be a great option for vacuuming pet hair from furniture or detailing and cleaning your vehicles.

Your Physical Needs

Do you need a lightweight vacuum model if you are not as strong as you used to be?  Is moving a whole heavy upright vacuum cleaner across the floor to much?

Would a self propelled vacuum work for you or even just moving a lighter canister vacuum’s hose and power head while the body of the vacuum stays put?  A small robotic vacuum may be less trouble again for hardwood and tile floored homes.

Your Home’s Physical Needs

Is storage limited?  Folding handle upright cleaner, and canister vacuum cleaners work well for those situations, and a narrow stick vacuum is great for lighter duty flooring and care.

Long power cords to plug in with great range work well for larger single level houses and bungalows.  If you have one or more stairways, either a canister, or an upright with an extra long stretchy hose or useful attachment tools may work best for you.

What type of flooring are you cleaning?  Thick shag pile carpet, tasselled throw rugs, linoleum or ceramic or marble tile and hardwood and flooring require differing equipment.  Multi flooring combinations may also require a quick transition and brush and powerhead level changing mode on your vacuum.

Your Families’ Physical Needs

Family can include pets too.  Do you share your home with cats, dogs, rabbits or other furry animals that share their hair and dander as well as their affection?  Having a specially designed vacuum for pet hair with rubber nozzles or beaters for lifting long animal hairs and fur, or odor absorbing filters will make cleaning easier.

Having family members with severe allergies and sensitivities to environmental factors along with pets in the home means HEPA filters may play an important part in your choice, so may bagged vacuums.


The beauty of shopping online for your new vacuum cleaner is not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, but you can compare specifications and features, as well as hearing what real people have to say about the cleaning equipment you are considering purchasing.  How effective and easy to clean with, how long it lasts, pros and cons of the vacuums are nice to know when choosing a vacuum brand and model.

Also consumer reports on customer service when things go wrong is an important factor for hassle free home appliance shopping.  All the inexpensive vacuums recommended on this website are 4 star ratings or higher, from many shoppers, see Amazon’s 4 star and higher vacuums.


Everyone hopes they never need the warranty but these guarantees are nice to have anyway.  Generally the more expensive vacuums with come with longer and more comprehensive coverage for your purchase, so that may be a factor for you too.

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